An Integrative, Personalized Approach

Nathan Rice

I’ve worked with hundreds of individuals attempting to regain control over problematic sexual behavior. Although I can recognize similar patterns across the board, every individual is unique and requires personalized treatment. Some of my aims are to help people cultivate a sense of curiosity and acceptance toward themselves, teach people how to survive urges without acting on them and to help people identify and pursue goals that are meaningful. I use a mixture of hardcore behavioral principles, motivational enhancement and deep listening, all guided by my ongoing close study of cutting-edge, contemporary psychoanalytic theories. 

I worked at a sex addiction treatment center for more than four years, where I provided individual, couples and group therapy. I served on the committee for psychoanalysis and addictions treatment (COPAT) and have presented on the topic of problematic sexual behavior at conferences and universities. Currently, I am completing the last year of an 8-year training program in psychoanalysis and psychoanalytic therapy. My ongoing interests include therapeutic mechanisms of change, the role of emotional intelligence in healing and the latest developments in how we understand unconscious forces.