About us

In February 2019, a group of therapists launched the SAT Network  to help people struggling with out-of-control sexual behavior – sex addiction, sexual compulsivity, sexual shame, and more – find help.

If you google “sex addiction therapy,” more often than not, you will find links to therapists who call themselves “Certified Sex Addiction Therapists,” or CSATs. This is misleading, and is a triumph of advertising, because most therapists who work effectively with people suffering from out-of-control sexual behavior (or, as some call it, sex addiction) are not CSATs. Many have never even heard of the CSAT training.

CSATs are a small group of therapists who have been trained in one particular treatment approach.

The SAT Network and its members have no problem with CSATs, or with their approach to treatment.We do, however, have a problem with the idea that CSATs are the only therapists qualified to work with people suffering from out-of-control sexual behavior, that if you’re a sex addict, you need treatment from a CSAT.

There is no evidence that CSATs, or the approach in which they are trained, produces better results than any other approach. Any suggestion otherwise is misleading.

This is why we started the SAT Network. CSATs’ effective monopolization of search results represents a disservice to people suffering.

Many people are surprised to learn that evidence shows that how your therapist practices – how s/he was trained, in what modalities of treatment – does not determine success of treatment.

What matters is not whether a therapist has been “certified” in a particular mode of treatment, but rather, a) whether s/he is competent, and b) the alliance you and s/he form together. The “CSAT” qualification appeals to your fears and anxieties. Unfortunately, it’s intentionally misleading, suggesting that CSATs are, collectively, better equipped to work with sex addiction than other therapists. This simply is not true.

We created the SAT Network to help people seeking treatment choose from the broadest selection of qualified, talented clinicians, and not just those practicing one therapeutic technique.

The therapists who make up the SAT Network have thousands of hours of experience working with people suffering from out-of-control sexual behavior or sex addiction.

All of us are sex addiction therapists.