Draft announcement

This is a draft announcement. We propose to circulate an announcement, iterated from this, in February 2019. To provide comments and suggestions, please contact Josh.

Michael Crocker, Director of the Sexuality, Attachment and Trauma Project, and Josh Wolf-Powers are pleased to announce the creation of the SAT Network, a group of clinicians devoted to advancing best practices in the psychodynamic treatment of individuals suffering from out-of-control sexual behavior (OCSB). Members of the network have thousands of hours’ experience in treating OCSB, and are committed to an open-minded, individualized approach – and look skeptically on any one-size-fits-all approach to treatment.

Initially, the SAT Network will consist of seventeen licensed clinicians, listed below. All of us are in New York, New Jersey, or both. Some of us work psychoanalytically, others, more behaviorally; all of us believe there is no “right answer” to the question of how to treat OCSB beyond working to establish the strongest possible therapeutic alliance, and proceeding with committed, deep, open-minded curiosity.

If you want to learn more about the SAT Network, please contact Josh.

List of initial members:

Gail Appel
Carol A. Butler
Christine Chapman
Robyn Cirillo
Michael Crocker
Andrew Erdman
Jerry Katz
Brian Lathrop
Juliane Maxwald-Schrey
Barbara Mazzarella
Gilbert McCurdy
Stephen McFadden
Kelly Moylan
Richard Olson
Nathan Rice
Ali Shames-Dawson
Josh Wolf-Powers