Who I am

Juliane Maxwald-Schrey

My approach to treating OCSB (out of control sexual behavior) or “sex addiction” is through an integration of psychoanalysis and addiction treatment. Addiction treatment helps to develop strategies to address and manage problematic sexual behavior. Psychoanalysis offers an opportunity to explore thoughts and feelings as they relate to present day stressors, as well as look back to childhood family relationships and experiences to better understand any underlying patterns or connections.

I treat a variety of difficulties, including anxiety, depression, addiction, relationship problems, traumatic experiences and more.

One area of specialization is addiction – this include problems with alcohol and other substances, as well as sex addictions, gambling and other compulsive behaviors.

I also specialize in relationship problems, both for individuals and couples. This can include chronic fighting, problems with communication, issues around commitment, intimacy, infidelity and a wide variety of sexual concerns and problems.

I work with both heterosexual couples and the LGBTQ community. I’m also comfortable working with non-traditional relationships, including consensual non-monogamy, polyamory, as well as individuals and couples active in the kink community.

I provide individual psychotherapy, addiction treatment, couples and marriage counseling, family therapy and sex therapy.

I believe that each person’s therapy is a unique process and is best implemented through an individualized approach. My goal is to establish an accepting and comfortable space for you to talk about and explore your concerns. We will work toward developing strategies to help you cope and better manage your symptoms, as well as focus on underlying issues to help resolve deeper problems.