Gail Appel

Upper West Side
New York
United States
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  • She/Her

Gender identity:
  • Woman

What I do:

My goal as a psychotherapist is to help you access your true self, free from out-of-control sexual behavior/sex addiction and other self destructive behaviors.

For over 35 years, I have been treating people with out-of-control sexual behavior (OCSB)/sex addiction, alcoholism, substance abuse, love addiction and co-dependency. I provide individual, couples and group therapy. As we work together, in your most personal moments, when its just you and me, there is freedom to share your most vulnerable concerns. I provide a safe, therapeutic space, with caring, humor and respect where you can explore your deepest issues.

Initially, we may be working on attempting to reduce or eliminate out-of-control behavior. Often as we do that, intense feelings emerge. We will explore these emotions together. Childhood trauma often underlies addictive/out-of-control behaviors. I am trained in doing EMDR, which is very effective in treating childhood trauma.

There is something profoundly healing about sharing your most personal truths with a trusted witness. I would feel privileged if you allow me to go through this healing process with you.