Liz Lacy

226 West 26 St.
7th & 8th Avenues, Chelsea
New York 10001
United States
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  • She/Her

Gender identity:
  • Woman

What I do:

I am an empathic, engaged and challenging therapist with certification in Advanced Schema Therapy and CBT, working to heal sexuality, intimacy and attachment issues.

The ability to attach, be close, become sexual and attain real intimacy begins to develop from deep within our own vulnerable child selves at a young age and is reinforced throughout childhood development. This is true of all animals. We learn how to be close, how to share, be in community and to love from people around us and our circumstances. There are times when these people or circumstances end up creating coping modes that, although got us through some difficult times, no longer work to get us what we truly need. Emotional pain, shame and difficulty with relationships of all kinds results. Schema Therapy heals the core unmet needs and reinforces healthy adult coping modes (creating or reinforcing neural pathways) that will help you attain what you deeply want for yourself.


Masters Clinical Social Work




Advanced Certification Schema Therapy