Barbara Mazzarella

280 Madison Avenue
Between 39th & 40th Streets, Midtown East
New York 10016
United States
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  • She/Her

Gender identity:
  • Woman

What I do:

I am a sensitive, empathetic, licensed psychotherapist who has been working with problematic, shame-inducing sexual behaviors for over 20 years.

Good mental health is a precious commodity. It is also essential if you’re to have a fair shot at living a fulfilling and satisfying life. The type of life, I believe, is every human being’s natural birthright.

The kind of psychodynamic psychotherapy I provide is collaborative, interactive and timed & tailored to your specific needs.

Drawing upon a foundation of postgraduate psychoanalytic education & clinical training, along with over 20 years of treatment experience, I feel truly privileged to “join” with my patients on their individualized paths of self discovery, recovery from out of control sexual behaviors and psychological growth.

The working alliance we build together in our therapeutic relationship is what becomes the tool for healing old traumas, negative core-self beliefs, and problematic behaviors. Beliefs and behaviors that might be holding you back in life, in your career and in your close and intimate relationships.

In addition to my general practice, I specialize in the treatment of those struggling with out of control, compulsive, shame-based and often secretive sexual activities. At first we work to contain and reduce the painful behaviors. As healing and recovery grow deeper, the work grows deeper with it. Treatment may focus on recognizing one’s unconscious motivations, attachment patterns and increasing the capacity to identify, tolerate and regulate one’s varying emotional states.

In conjunction with psychotherapy, I have found that many patients accelerate their healing by attending 12-Step recovery programs for sex & love addiction, substance abuse and codependency. While attendance is definitely encouraged, it is by no means mandatory–the meetings work extraordinarily well for many, but not necessarily for everyone.

I also work with the partners of those with sexually compulsive behavior. If you have recently discovered that your partner has been compulsively unfaithful, then you have experienced a disorienting, relational trauma–a rupture in your perception of what you thought was your reality. Psychotherapy can help you regain your emotional “footing” and improve upon your existing and future relationships, including the most important one of all–the relationship you have with yourself.




NYS Clinical Social Worker License #050093-1R


Institute for Expressive Analysis